Neely Farms

neely-farmWelcome to Neely Farms website!

Neely farms grows organic, seasonal veggies for its CSA 9 months out of the year utilizing sustainable agriculture practices.  We also grow and sell Christmas trees every Christmas season both pre-cut and ucut.


Neely has been a certified organic producer of vegetables for seven years.  We take our organic farming seriously and contribute to the rule-making of the local certifying agencies for organic certification.


Neely has been adopting sustainable agriculture practices and has been practicing sustainable growing for nearly 2 decades.  We want to leave our farm and our community a better place and do our best to fertilize with as many on-farm inputs as possible.


A big part of Neely’s fertility program is heavy use of compost.  If you’ve got organic material that you’d like to dispose of on your property, please contact us.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any material that has had pesticides or herbicides sprayed on it.  Assuming your products meet our specifications, we can haul for you at no charge.

Organic Fertilizers

In order to replace the nutrients that are being taken off farm with our CSA, Neely replenishes our soil with top organic fertilizers to ensure that the fresh fruits and vegetables you’re feeding your family are not just organic, but nutrient dense and giving you and your family everything it needs.